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Air Cleaners in Northwest Indiana & Illinois

According to studies and statistics provided by the EPA, indoor air can contain anywhere from two to five times the amount of pollutants than that of outdoor air. This presents risks and challenges to any indoor space, but the problem is even more troublesome in a commercial business. If you own or operate a warehouse, retail store, manufacturing facility, or restaurant, you can find the solutions you’re seeking through the professionals at Parkway Mechanical!

Parkway Mechanical has been offering commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and IAQ services to Illinois and Indiana commercial businesses for over 35 years. Our commercial air cleaners are ideal for clearing away air pollutants, helping to preserve the health of clients and employees, and protecting your important supplies and assets.

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The Importance of Commercial Air Filtration in IN & IL

Nearly any type of business is susceptible to problems commonly associated with indoor air pollution. For retail or public service, high air pollution can lead to health issues and musty indoor air. A data center may contend with dust and mold harming vital systems and components. Restaurants struggle with dust clogging commercial kitchen equipment and harming employee and patron health.

No matter what sort of Indiana business you operate, indoor air quality is a problem that needs to be taken seriously. Air cleaners, also known as air filtration systems, provide a simple and effective solution, and can also be a vital part of keeping your commercial HVAC systems in healthy working order. When properly installed and implemented, air cleaners are suitable for removing these pollutants from your air:

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Mold spores and mildew
  • VOCs and other harmful compounds
  • Cooking oil and smoke
  • Some common bacteria
  • And more

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Commercial Air Cleaner Installation & Service

At Parkway Mechanical our prime goal is to provide our commercial clients with superior services, products, and solutions. We are highly adept at not only installing commercial air cleaners but also ensuring our clients get the correct option for meeting their unique needs.

When you connect with our team, we perform an assessment of your business and provide recommendations according to your business type, structural layout, foot traffic, current HVAC equipment, and more. With this information in hand, we can produce the ideal system for your needs, which our installation team will install within your ductwork for maximum efficacy.

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Indoor Air Quality & Air Cleaner Services in Northwest Indiana & Illinois

Healthy indoor air preserves the health of your employees, clients, and your business as a whole. Parkway Mechanical is dedicated to providing the full suite of indoor air quality services that you need.

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