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Furnace Services in Northwest Indiana & Illinois

Properly integrated and maintained furnace systems offer your business the most dependable means of keeping a comfortable and healthy environment for your associates, clients, and employees. However, winter seasons in Northwest Indiana and Illinois can be quite cold, so simply installing any system will not do. You require the knowledge and skill of experienced commercial heating professionals—count on Parkway Mechanical to provide the value, services, and insight that your business deserves.

Our commercial heating contractors are rigorously trained and highly experienced, offering the utmost in quality services in order to help your business stay warm at all times. We offer a wide range of commercial furnace services, including:

  • Commercial furnace installation
  • Commercial furnace replacement
  • Commercial furnace repair
  • Commercial furnace maintenance

If you are looking for commercial furnace services in Illinois or Indiana, Parkway Mechanical is glad to provide. Call 219-942-6626 or schedule service online!

Commercial Furnace Installation & Replacement in IL & IN

Parkway Mechanical features experienced heating contractors that are highly adept at not only providing you with superior client experience but also ensuring you get optimal solutions for new heating installs and replacement. We take the time to learn what works best for your structure, painstakingly assessing your heating load requirements, budget, and any structural particulars so that we can match your business with the ideal new furnace unit, be it a gas furnace, electric furnace, oil, or a hybrid.

Ready to reduce energy waste and optimize comfort? Contact Parkway Mechanical for furnace installation or replacement! 

Indiana & Illinois Commercial Furnace Repair

Your business cannot afford to deal with the prolonged downtime that can be caused by a furnace malfunction or a breakdown. This is why our teams act quickly and decisively when you need furnace repair. We arrive promptly and equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools, allowing us to provide a swift repair service that never sacrifices quality.

Contact our heating company for furnace repair if:

  • Your heating equipment fails to heat your structure thoroughly
  • The furnace is making unusual or persistent noises
  • Your commercial furnace is leaking water
  • The energy or fuel costs in your business are rising rapidly
  • Or for anything else

Need commercial furnace repair? Call 219-942-6626 or schedule furnace repair with Parkway Mechanical online! 

Commercial Furnace Maintenance Programs in IL & IN

Having an effective maintenance program in place is the best means of avoiding excessive heating repair costs and minimizing your energy waste and consumption. Parkway Mechanical can help you optimize your heating systems by providing a comprehensive and fully customized maintenance program for your commercial furnace system. We carry considerable experience with all furnace types and brands, enabling our team to craft a unique maintenance plan that works specifically toward keeping your business comfortable and cost-efficient.

Schedule Commercial Furnace Services in Illinois & Northwest Indiana

As a local commercial furnace company, we take pride in offering our clients the best in service across the board. Quality parts and products, insightful and instructive heating contractors, and a strong focus on superior workmanship all make us the ideal choice for commercial HVAC services in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

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